Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pregnancy Poem by Steve Stay

Pregnancy Poem

Rump-a-dump dump
I've got a baby bump
Lump-a-dump dump
Baby baby baby
--Steve Stay

I was tired this afternoon (I've been having trouble sleeping, and since my lungs feel squished, I don't get enough oxygen to my muscles so even a little bit of effort leaves me exhausted and out of breath), so I decided to call home and see who was around. Mike's family is visiting Mom and Dad in Ohio, so Steve also drove up from Columbus for the weekend. He answered the phone, and since I didn't really have anything specific I needed to say to anybody, we ended up having one of those stream-of-consciousness phone conversations that goes on for an hour and a half and ends up including most of the other people in the room responding to the one side of the conversation that they can hear.

Anyway, I was complaining about some pregnancy related issue--being tired, coughing on the fumes from my acid indigestion, having people make weird comments, or something like that. Steve said, "Well, if you ever feel sad, you can sing this little song." and then he sang the song I've reproduced above. It was very funny, and since I've been too lazy to post much this week, I thought I'd share it with all of you.


  1. My heart goes out to you. This last part of the pregnancy is SO hard, and seems SO long. It really will end. You will get there. AND the reward will be worth it.

    I love Steve's song, and the cute illustrations.

    You're gonna make it!

    Love, Kathey

  2. That's a lovely poem, I'll memorize it immediately!