Sunday, November 18, 2007

Baby Duck by Author Unknown

Baby Duck

A baby duck, a baby duck
And I am so cud-cud-cud-cuddly
A rainy day, I like to play
When it is so pud-pud-pud-puddly

When I walk I make a track
When I talk I go quack quack

A baby duck, a baby duck
I'm a cud-cud-cuddly
pud-pud-puddly cud-cud-cuddly duck!
--Author Unknown

My family will recognize this as the song I sang in my first ballet performance when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I had an exceedingly cute outfit: a yellow leotard with fuzzy down on the breast, a half tu-tu on the bum, a duck-bill hat covered in feathers, and lots of glitter and sequins all over the whole thing. I liked to put the outfit on and stand at the top of the attic stairs because at the right time of day, sunlight would come in through the windows and reflect off the sequins and make the landing all sparkly as if I was a living disco ball. We have some old film somewhere of me doing the dance (while David tried to imitate me in his own tu-tu and diaper). Later on the same film, we all put on swimsuits and run through the sprinkler in the mud of the swing circle.

I'm posting this today because the baby blanket I finished last night (and posted a picture of above) has a baby duck on it. As I've been shopping and registering for baby things, I find myself inexplicably attracted to anything with little yellow duckies on it. It's weird...but I think that pregnancy does weird things to people.


  1. Very cute blanket Karen! Is it fleece? I couldn't tell from the picture

  2. Yes it is fleece. It has satin ribbon around the edge as well.

  3. That is a great blanket!

    Peter knows a baby duck song, I think.