Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jellyfish by Patricia J. Machmiller


Summer sea—
from the depths random thoughts
--Patricia J. Machmiller

I went to the aquarium today. I'm Visiting Teacher to a woman in our ward who homeschools her son. The charter school/homeschool consortium that she has him enrolled in planned a field trip, and since she doesn't drive, she asked if I'd take them. Since that meant that I could get into the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific for $6 instead of the usual $21, I said I'd be glad to -- and meant it. Two days ago, she found out that she had to work, and so was about to cancel, when I suggested that I could take her son without her, and then he'd have the field trip, she could work in peace (she works from home, but on a set schedule), and I could still go to the aquarium. This satisfied everybody, and we had a fun day.

I wanted to post the Jellyfish Haiku by Jack Prelutsky, but I found that I had already posted it. It's short, so I'll remind you what it said.
Boneless, translucent,
We undulate, undulate,

Looking for another one, I found this one, which was part of an art exhibit you can look at here. Today's picture is a print being sold by a company called Haiku Design.

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  1. Oh, how cool! (Wow, that's an expensive aquarium!)

    Kate likes the jellyfish in the little zoo aquarium here.