Tuesday, August 7, 2007

There Was a Young Woman Named Bright by Anonymous

There Was a Young Woman Named Bright

There was a young woman named Bright
Whose speed was much faster than light.
She set out one day
In a relative way,
And returned on the previous night.

Yesterday's post was enormous, so today's will be short.

I like limericks. I especially like clever ones with a bit of a surprise. I appreciate the work of early practitioners of the craft like Lear, but in a very short time, his get old (especially since he had no problem repeating a rhyme within the poem -- come on, you only need to think of three different words!).


  1. There was a young fencer named Fisk
    Whose sword was exceedingly brisk;
    So fast was his action, the
    Fitzgerald contraction
    Diminished his sword to a disk.
    Mike Stay

  2. The effects of dilation of time
    Are magical, strange, and sublime.
    In your frame, this verse,
    Which you'll see is not terse,
    Can be read in the same amount of time it takes someone else in another frame to read a similar sort of rhyme.