Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chamber Music VII by James Joyce

Chamber Music VII

My love is in a light attire
Among the apple-trees,
Where the gay winds do most desire
To run in companies.

There, where the gay winds stay to woo
The young leaves as they pass,
My love goes slowly, bending to
Her shadow on the grass;

And where the sky's a pale blue cup
Over the laughing land,
My love goes lightly, holding up
Her dress with dainty hand.
--James Joyce

I know we had some James Joyce a few weeks ago, but I really wanted to post this picture, and the poem fits it. I imagine that when writing it, his thought process was much the same. He doesn't write about what his love does that makes him love her. We don't get a listing of her virtues or faults. She just makes a pretty picture as she walks with the wind blowing--and that's enough.


  1. Becky broke her foot (sort of) and is wearing a walking cast (sort of).

    Chamber Music VIII:
    Becky walks with clunky boot.
    I don't realy give a hoot.
    I love her any way.
    She always makes my day.


  2. I love it! You made my evening, Daddy! Sam always tells me how much he aspires to the romantic ability of Randy Stay when I tell him things you've done for mom or read him poems like this.