Friday, June 15, 2007

The Frog and the Fly by Anonymous

The Frog and the Fly

An old frog sat
On a water lily.
He opened his mouth
And looked so silly.

A young fly passed
And laughed to see
Him sitting there
So foolishly.

“You’re a funny thing,”
The young fly cried.
Frog closed his mouth –
With the fly inside.

I don't know the author of this poem, and a quick Google search didn't turn anything up. If you know the author, please post a comment. I found this poem while going through old papers in my quest to help Mom clean out the attic and get rid of stuff I don't need her to keep for me anymore. I'm taking home a LOT of stuff, but it was a good trip since we got rid of a LOT more (we're up to three carloads to Goodwill, and PILES of trash).

Anyway, If I remember correctly, in first or second grade, as a handwriting exercise, Mrs. Chrysler had us copy this poem -- either from dictation or off the board, I don't remember.

As a special bonus today, since I didn't remember to post this yesterday, you get to see some poems I wrote and illustrated in 9th grade English class. I forget the teacher's name -- I think it started with a G and was possibly Italian. I do remember that she gave me a B+ one semester and I thought it was a TRAGEDY! Ah well...


  1. Hi Karen,

    I enjoyed reading these. Thanks for sharing.--Kathey