Sunday, June 10, 2007

Consider the Lilies by William Channing Gannett

Consider the Lilies

He hides within the lily
A strong and tender care,
That wins the earth-born atoms
To glory of the air:
He weaves the shining garments
Unceasingly and still,
Along the quiet waters,
In niches of the hill.

We linger at the vigil
With him who bent the knee,
To watch the old-time lilies
In distant Galilee;
And still the worship deepens
And quickens into new,
As brightening down the ages
God’s secret thrilleth through.

O toiler of the lily,
Thy touch is in the Man!
No leaf that dawns to petal
But hints the angel-plan.
The flower horizon’s open!
The blossom vaster shows!
We hear the wide world’s echo, –
See how the lily grows!
--William Channing Gannett

Not much to say tonight. I hadn't heard of this poem before, but it seemed nice enough for a pleasant summer Sunday. We spent the evening having dinner with extended family out on Peter's parents' deck looking at the beauties of nature and hard work that combine to make their backyard so lovely. There's a nice metphor right there that kind of matches this poem. God gives us all kinds of miracles all the time, but it has to be through our own efforts that we recognize them and make them part of our lives.

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