Monday, September 8, 2008

Easter Song by Mabel Gabbott

Easter Song

In the morning in the garden
Birds were singing soft and low.
Flowers nodded, grasses whispered,
As if to say, “We know, we know.”

Christ is risen! Christ is risen!
All the earth is glad again.
Christ is risen! Christ is risen!
And all men shall live again.

Mary waited in the garden,
Hoping she would see our Lord.
Then He called her, “Mary, Mary,”
And she knew His quiet word.

Christ is risen! Christ is risen!
All the earth is glad again.
Christ is risen! Christ is risen!
And all men shall live again.
--Mabel Gabbott

This song was published in the April 1984 Friend magazine, but my Grandma Fawnie must have heard it earlier because she wrote it inside an Easter card she sent to our family in 1980.

She got a blank church program with the above picture of Christ and the Children by Hook on the cover, and wrote her testimony and the first verse and chorus of this poem. I found it today, while looking through my baby book. I don't really remember my Grandma talking about her testimony of Jesus very often, though I never doubted she had one. It was just sort of understood, I suppose. Anyway I treasure this now that I've found it, and wanted to share it with my siblings.

Easter Week 1980
Dear Mike, Doug, Karen & David
We would like to tell you about Jesus because EASTER is a happy time. He lived a long time ago, our Heavenly Father sent him to help us all know the right way to live. Jesus loved little children. He loves each one of you, now.
When Jesus died his friends were very sad. They went to visit his tomb -- it was a Sunday -- the First EASTER DAY. An angel told them that Jesus was alive again and lives with Heavenly Father. This is Happy news! because if Jesus lives again & was resurrected after he died -- then we will be able to live again even after we die. If we are kind and do the things Jesus taught, we can live again with Heavenly Father and always be happy.
We love you all very much and care about you. It makes us happy to know you are a happy family.
Love Grampa Holt & Gram'a Holt


  1. easter
    in this Hollywood environment when everyone is concentrating on the death of Jesus on the bloody wooden thing the CROSS…this season please try to think a different way the same old way of Christians under Nero and the Caesars who repeated that they saw HIM risen
    They nailed fishes to the doors of meeting halls and fed the brothers and the sisters everyone
    The empty tomb should be the focus of us all the STONE was rolled away after having been so guarded by the soldiers of the fortunes of the war
    Eye believe an ANGEL placed his foot against the STONE and set the stone to roll
    The Lord Came Forth
    This is my happy Easter Sunday
    He is raised now from the Dead
    He will come back soon to earth from sky of HEAVEN to complete the by and by. To claim the world he made.

  2. What a treasure you have found.

  3. Thanks for sending that Karen!