Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bobby Shafto by Mother Goose

Bobby Shafto

Bobby Shafto's gone to sea, silver buckles on his knee,
He'll come back and marry me, Bonny Bobby Shafto

Bobby Shafto's tall and slim, he's always dressed so neat and trim
The lasses they all smile at him! Bonny Bobby Shafto

Bobby Shafto's tall and fair, combing down his yellow hair;
He's my love forever more, Bonny Bobby Shafto!
--Mother Goose

Here are some sights around our house that Elizabeth likes to look at. She also likes to reach out and touch these things if she can. She looks at all sorts of other things, but she is consistently fascinated by these particular sights. I think she likes the patterns and colors.

Couch cushion with squares

Couch cushion with stripes

Holly Hobby quilt ties


The other thing that never fails to capture her attention is the balloon. She likes to see the colors and shiny mylar. She likes to hold it in her hand and make it crinkle and move, but what she really loves is to watch it float up to the ceiling. She really seems to understand physics and that gravity usually makes things fall down, and that this is magical somehow.

I finally figured out how to compress my video for youtube, so here's Elizabeth talking about her rattle.

PS: I forgot to write what I really wanted to say about all the things she looks at. Elizabeth does a lot of communicating with her eyes. In the case of the balloon for instance, she'll look at the balloon, then when she notices that I've noticed her looking, she'll look at me, then look at the balloon, then look at me kind of sideways. This is my cue to pull the balloon down. Her eyes will get all big and excited at this point, and she'll often reach out and grab at the balloon. Next, she'll look at the balloon, then look at me, then look at the ceiling, repeating this a few times till I get the message and let the balloon go. It floats up and bounces off the ceiling making Elizabeth gleeful and ready for the whole process to start again.


  1. Sweet!

    When Kate was a few months old we used to prop up a mirror next to her, and she'd just be fascinated for tens of minutes.

  2. How cute.
    I love being able to watch her anytime I want. And let GRANDMA watch and hear her. Thanks so much.


  3. I didn't know you were such Cherryh fans. Those are two of her best series.

  4. Peter has just about all of her books. I've tried reading her, and find that she has interesting ideas, but it gets a little heavy and slow going, so I have to be in the mood. She's definitely not a read-aloud author we've decided.

  5. How sweet! She is so earnest about telling you what she wants you to know. I enjoyed all the pictures, including the adorable chickie one in your previous blog. Thanks for taking the time to share all of this.

    Love, Kathey

  6. I just thought of something else. When Kirsten was tiny I made her something I called a "Look Book." It was mostly bright, colorful pictures that were cut from magazines. Some were geometric designs that I cut from contrasting colors of construction paper. I think it was about 10 pages.

    Kirsten's very favorite was a huge tomato wearing sunglasses. The pictures were put into top-loading sheet protectors and held together with metal rings. When we put her to bed at night we would turn a page and drape it over the side of the crib so she would have something to look at when she woke up. We took it out of the crib when she got old enough to move around and to try to eat the pages. Up until then it was great. We used it for the other babies also.